Stories to refresh your spirit

In a world that’s often hard to comprehend, stories of lives lived with boldness, compassion and humor are what keep me going.

If you feel that way too, I think you’ll love The Pearl Diver.

This is a new storytelling space where I'll introduce you to people who are working on some very cool stuff. Whatever form their ambition takes, I know you’ll be inspired by their grit, their imagination and their desire to show us a wider range of possibilities than we might see on our own.

In my first post you will meet Kristin McQueen, a 38-year-old endurance athlete who has completed an astounding 23 marathons, 15 Ironman triathlons and 18 half-marathons while undergoing 21 surgeries and 2 rounds of radiation in the wake of her 2003 cancer diagnosis.

How the hell does she do it? Stay tuned. I can't wait to tell you.


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