What can journaling do for you?    

  1. Ease stress

  2. Clarify needs

  3. Spark creativity

  4. Instill courage

  5. Stimulate healing

  6. Improve learning

  7. Reveal life patterns

  8. Capture stories

  9. Support wise decisions

  10. Lighten your spirit

Why take a journaling course?

To work well, love fully and live freely, we need to feel in touch with the essence of who we are. But daily life buries us in mountains of detail that work against this sense of wholeness. Giving ourselves a few moments to gather our thoughts can be a true gift – laying the foundation for a calmer, better life.

If you’ve never written in a journal before, a Pen & Hand course will give you the confidence to get started. If you’re an experienced writer wanting to go deeper, you'll find the expert guidance you need. 

All courses are designed to help you overcome negative thoughts that can block you from writing freely. You’ll learn how to make journaling a healthy habit, something you look forward to doing. You’ll discover easy ways to work it into your life and how to keep your journals private. The welcoming space in each class will give you the support you're looking for.