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Betsey O'Brien |  Writer, Speaker, Blogger, Coach

Betsey O'Brien |  Writer, Speaker, Blogger, Coach

I believe our life experiences are our truest wealth. When we share our stories with honesty and courage, we give the world an irreplaceable gift.

I welcome you to this space as a lover of great stories and, possibly, as someone who may want to write and publish your own. Whether your words are purely for yourself or you hope to reach millions with your message, I am glad to share what I’ve learned over a lifetime of interviewing, writing, editing and journaling. 

Rare and beautiful life stories: Coming your way in The Pearl Diver blog

Workshops: Engaging sessions to help you capture your own stories


"We are the stories we tell - and we are compelled to create stories to understand ourselves."

Susan Gregory Thomas, Memoirist | Psychology Today, "The Story of Your Life," June 2016