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Welcome to your words.

Do you write in a journal every day — or maybe just every now and then?

Have you discovered how calm you feel after scribbling down your thoughts at the end of a rough day? Or how much easier it is to make decisions when you face your fears first, taking time to spell out what’s holding you back?

If you’ve experienced any of these small yet pivotal moments, then you know how healthful and centering personal writing can be. If you’re not there yet, maybe you’re ready to try it.

Pen & Hand is a place you can come for inspiration, encouragement and skills that will help you get the most from your journaling practice. Here, you’ll find tips on how to write your way to better health. How your writing can help you come to terms with a divorce, a life-threatening illness or the death of someone dear to you. And, if you live with a mental health condition, how journaling can provide comfort, self-awareness and support.

As a lifelong writer who began journaling when I felt I had nowhere else to turn, I believe in the healing power of our personal stories. I’m here to offer you the tools you need to benefit from sharing yours.

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"We are the stories we tell — and we are compelled to create stories to understand ourselves."

Susan Gregory Thomas, Memoirist | Psychology Today, "The Story of Your Life," June 2016

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